Anxiety & Stress

One in six people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem such as depression or anxiety. It is also likely that individuals do not seek help for significant levels of anxiety.


How can hypnotherapy help with anxiety or stress?

Often the anxiety and or stress is from a fear of the future or what is happening right now.  Hypnotherapy can help you to focus and calm down your thoughts and fears to a healthy level.  Anxiety is a perfectly normal response to certain situations.  it can however, become raised and unmanageable.  Hypnotherapy can address the reasons and events that have lead you to this overly heightened response and level of anxiety or stress you are feeling.

When you cannot deal with an issue consciously than it is most likely an unconscious problem.  Hypnotherapy is all about working with the unconscious part of your mind which is where my expertise come in.  I am trained to work with the unconscious mind.

With just 3/4 sessions remarkable changes can take place and be noticed by clients.

You deserve peace of mind and happiness and you have likely found that nothing else has given you the results .  So, you have found yourself looking at potential options for therapy.  Look no further and give me a call or email me and we will get you an appointment booked to help you start enjoying life more.

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