Hello world!

Welcome to my Hpnotherapy Blog. I will be adding to it on a regular basis whenever I feel there is something that will be interesting to share with you.

My latest news to share is that I have completed extra training in Bereavement Counselling to compliment the work I already do in this field. Usually I would always advise to wait at least a year after the death of a loved one and let nature take it’s course before seeking therapeutic help. With this new training i am able to offer therapy at a much earlier stage.

Bereavement however, isn’t just about someone dying. The grief can be for some people just as devastating when a much loved pet dies. You can also feel bereft when a relationship of any sort breaks down be it a lover, a relative or a friend.
There are many reasons for feeling so lost and a huge sense of overwhelming grief and you can read more within my website.

For now, be kind to yourself and those around you.

Ruth x