Deep Relaxation

Hypnosis may not be the first idea in your head when you need to relax but lots of people who have experienced the unique deep relaxation obtained from hypnosis would recommend it.

Not only does every part of your physical body relax, your mind can simply let go in a way that is very soothing.  I often hear clients describe the sensation as floating, letting go, womb like, and completely switching off.  Others state that they can never remember ever feeling so light and relaxed in their life.

Society today puts so much pressure on us to be a high achiever in every way, or to be perfect at this or that, or how we look, that it is no wonder we rarely take time to let our bodies and minds re-calibrate.

We wouldn't let our cars go without fuel or oil yet it seems to be a habit of many to not take the same care of themselves.  Be kind to yourself and invest in allowing yourself some time out with a deep relaxation session of guided hypnosis.  All you need do once your appointment is booked is turn up, sit back and let my soothing voice gently guide you into blissful relaxation.

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