Hypnosis For Children

Children are wonderful candidates for hypnotherapy.  They are so open and ready to accept the possibilities that hypnotherapy can offer.  Think of how readily a young child accepts the concept of Father Christmas or the Tooth Fairy.  Even slightly older children can still so easily absorb themselves in imaginative play or an exciting story.  I utilise this strong talent of theirs to help make the necessary changes often using metaphors along with other tools.

Adult phobias generally are created from an experience they had aged seven or under.  This being the case, the younger the therapy is received the easier it is to rectify.

Sadly anxiety in young children, teenagers and young adults is almost as common nowadays as it is in adults.  Fortunately there are ways of helping with hypnotherapy being a very successful option.

I am regularly around children having four grandchildren myself from three years upwards.

This is a review I received on my Facebook Page from the mother of 6 year old twins I saw for a fear of upcoming dental treatment and is copied across to this page with her full consent.

Today I took my twins to visit Ruth at her home to see if she could help in preparation for some upcoming dental work. Well my children have come away saying that was “amazing”. I spoke to Ruth on the phone today to share a few details. Then this evening we arrived at her house and she told the girls the fairy had visited her and left them a story. She read a lovely story about a magic carpet and a castle. Then another about bubble wrap and emotions being linked to the bubbles which they can pop and pull out ribbons and throw them away if they are negative. Then she said the fairies had left an envelope which contained an orange ribbon (their fav colour) and some colouring picsrelated to their fav tv and animals. The girls were amazed and Ruth even offered them a bottle of water which has since become magic juice. In the car on the way home they chatted about the story and went to sleep dreaming about magic carpets. A really great experience and hope I can use the story to relax them at the dentist.
Thanks Ruth you went above and beyond.

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