What is Hypnosis

I am pleased you are open minded and wanting to find out just what hypnosis is.  You will find many descriptions of exactly what hypnosis is and so I will give you my opinion which you will find is shared with many many people.

Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness that every person of every age naturally enters into daily.  Think of a teenager playing on their X Box.  She/he will be staring at the screen totally transfixed.  His/her fast fingers will seem to have a life of their own as they tap away at the controls.  you can speak to him/her but he/she will appear not to hear you unless you say or do something dramatic to grab their attention.  Or perhaps you have experienced nodding off as a passenger on a long journey.  You can hear everything but you are not really paying attention.  Another example is of driving a regular route and driving with no conscious memory of the journey.

The above are all examples of being under hypnosis.  It is perfectly safe and very very relaxing.

Under hypnosis I can access forgotten memories which will help find causes of issues which together we can then aim to heal with the most suitable of the many techniques I use.

Can I be hypnotised?

This is a question many ask.  Quite simply, you are the one in charge of going into hypnosis.  So long as you follow  my directions then yes, you can enter into the wonderful positive state of hypnosis and begin making the changes you desire to improve your life.